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Couples Massage Rochester MI

Jul 2, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Sure, you have a happy relationship with a partner in perfect sync with your mind, body, and soul. You likely already know everything that makes them qualm, and you both know how to keep the peace in the home. There is a way to bring back the chemistry from the early days to alleviate the boredom that grows with a normal long-term relationship. A couple’s massage treatment is the least intimidating and comfortable option in alleviating nervousness.

Overview of a couple’s massage at the luxury spa for couples in Rochester Michigan

Who can book a session?

The term couple’s massage describes a spa treatment by a couple in a romantic relationship. However, the name is somewhat a misnomer because it also describes a treatment for any two people who want to attend a massage session in the same room. The massage partners can be friends, parents, parents and children, and many other pairs.​

How does it work?

A couple’s massage near Rochester, Michigan, has a simple working process. Here is the bottom line of the entire therapy:

  • Each person receives individual treatment.
  • You will use separate tables and therapists, making for the only difference with an individual massage session.
  • You can talk to one another because the tables are adjacent to one another.
  • The tables will have a couple of feet apart, so each therapist has enough room to work around them.
  • We treat both sessions as one and will begin and end at the same time.

​Where do we perform the massage?

Most sessions are in the larger room in the spa, with the sole purpose of offering a couple’s massage. Our room has fitting decorations to create a soothing and romantic ambiance and universally acceptable music enjoyable with subtle and soothing tunes.

Benefits if a couple’s massage


Many people choose a couple’s massage so they can bond better with the company in attendance.


It is prudent to choose the couple’s option if it is your first time, so you have a sense of calm from your partner’s presence in the room. This is also common when wives and girlfriends want to introduce their partners to the spa world by accompanying them for the first couple of sessions. The nudity is less comfortable when you enjoy a Rochester massage in the presence of someone you trust.

Downsides to expect

Realistically, there is no downside to attending a couple’s massage in Rochester, MI, at JL Therapeutics. There should be no problem with sharing a relatively intimate setting with someone you deem trustworthy.

Cost of the session

We do not have a set price for a Rochester couple’s massage because most people will add other services during their time with us. These add-ons include deep tissue massage, the hot salt stone, assisted stretching, or the Graston technique. Do not worry about the cost because our luxury spa in Rochester MI, has favorable prices to maximize your time and enjoy a relaxing experience.

Our spa offers you the possibility of choosing the best kind of massage for yourself and your partner to enjoy all the soothing benefits. Contact us at 248.301.9777 for more information on the best luxury massage services in Rochester mi.


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