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Corporate & House Calls

JL Therapeutics understands that some individuals may not be able to make the drive to the studio. Life is hectic and can be very overwhelming at any stage of life. The benefits of bodywork help bring balance back to your world, and we will try to provide a therapist who is able to travel to you. Unfortunately, we cannot make any promises as most of our therapists work in the studio full-time, but we have managed to set up many regular house calls for those in need. We do ask that a minimum of a 3-pack be purchased and that the massage table we use stays at your location during the course of your package. This will ensure that your services are set up promptly and start on time.

We have years of experience providing services for small and large groups. Businesses have the option to create a house account with a credit card on file or they can purchase a gift card to be held on file and be used by employees. Lastly, we provide discounts on bulk gift card purchases.

Some examples of what groups, businesses, or schools have hired us for are:

  • Foot reflexology in zero gravity chairs performed with warm towels and essential oils
  • Chair massage, up to 3 at a time at 10 minutes apiece
  • Fully clothed table massage 10-20 min each
    Partially-clothed table massage with lotion on back only 10-20 min each
  • Also, there can be a combination of services depending on the availability and the space provided.
Corporate & House Calls services

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